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The cards are all stunning and it's a real shame
to see talent like this pass away.


5 December 2009 - Sydney

Kaye Davidson


I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I have just found your web site and found the flowers so beautiful. I wish I had known of it sooner. I am sure I will enjoy the cards I ordered for many years.
Kaye Davidson

4 May 2008 - Austin, TX



Hi There,
I've only just discovered your website and your beautiful cards - the images are just stunning. I have a very small ability with the paintbrush and pencil, so I can imagine the amount of time and effort that went into each picture. I am sorry to read of your loss of this amazing person and her incredible talent, but I will definitely be revisiting your site and spreading the word.


12 March 2008 - Brisbane, Qld

frances burdon


dear burdon family

I'm sorry to hear of your loss, discovered while searching for burdon ancestors on the net. My great grandfather was born in Durham County UK and emigrated to Australia.

If you have time I would love to hear from you.

Frances Burdon

13 September 2004 - newcastle australia

Flower Cards reply:
Dear Frances,
Isn't the web amazing! I will be in touch to investigate our shared Burdon lineage.
Regards Trevor Burdon



Have been to the website and read the sad news that June died in December. I and my family extend our deepest sympathy at this time.We know that she is now at peace. She was incredibly brave and faced her illness with such fortitude.
We had known each other for over 50 years and it was such a privilege and I have great memories of our time working together at the Strand Palace Hotel.
My thoughts go out to all of you and you will be remembered in my prayers. I will light candles for her at Mass on Sunday.
With much love

24 February 2004 - Sidcup Kent

Flower Cards reply:
thank you for your support over the years, and from such a great distance. Mum's times at The Strand with you were among her happiest.
Love The Burdons



Lovely, I love flowers.

6 February 2004 - USA

Flower Cards reply:

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately my mother passed away in Dec 2003, after suffering with MND (or Lou Gehrig's disease) for several years. I plan to put up a short notice and a few of her beautiful haikus as well - thank you for prompting me.


Trevor Burdon


Extending my sympathy to you and your family. I had a school teacher that suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease also, so know a little bit about it. It was a struggle for her, but she was so brave. I kept in contact with her through it all.

Wishing you the best.

Sincerely, Dorothy



Hi June,
your web site is very good, I enjoyed me visit

14 October 2003 - Australia



Mother spirit, Neither you nor Ross ever let me know that you had such talents hidden under your sweet smile and affectionate treating of us -the ones from a distant land. Had I known I would have surely requested you to visit that exotic land and paint all those unnamed but beautiful native flowers which no one cares for.
Pranam to you (Its a form of reverence when one touches the feet of parents, revered teachers or senior relatives). Wish you well.

7 April 2003 - Canberra

Daniel Glasby


I'm here at Trevor's looking at your art expecting that I would have to be polite. I'm happy to say I didn't need to be. I found the landscape paintings extremely moving, having lived in the region and look forward to seeing them more closely. Knowing your sons since the Burnie days, I feel a connection, lots of love, danny

17 August 2002 - Melbourne

Flower Cards reply:
Danny, thanks for your kind words. As you know I'm dependent on nursing care round the clock these days, and appreciate the value of the work your father did, and that you and Michael have continued with. Love June



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26 July 2002 - Melbourne

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